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 Agile Development and Change Management: Are they mutually exclusive?

How can you be responsive while simultaneously ensuring that solution evolution is going in the right direction and without compromising quality if you do not have effective change management procedures in place?

 Philip Howard, Research Director –  Data Management, Bloor Research,

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 There’s something funny about Change Management

You may need IT staff to install the change management solution in the first place but after that you want something that the IT department can effectively forget about because the product is geared towards the end-user and his requirements within a business context.

Bloor Research,

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Control Costs, No Control Costs More!

Whether or not you believe that the ‘recession’ is over it is very clear to everyone that there are hard times ahead. Everyone is talking of ‘budget cuts’ and how every effort must be made to ensure ‘maximum profitability’ if they are to survive.

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